My one word, 2016 preview

January is coming fast. The past several years I have participated in the My One Word project. In a  nutshell, you choose a word that 'will inspire you all year long'. It's sort of like making New Year's Resolutions, but simpler. And harder. It's not too early to start thinking about your word. You may already … Continue reading My one word, 2016 preview


My one word 2015

I have written about My One Word (MOW) in the past. The premise is this: you pick just one word to inspire you all year long. If you are a writer, the appeal of only writing ONE WORD in a writing session is seductive. It is, however, also deceiving. It's harder to choose just one word to … Continue reading My one word 2015

Pajama Day!

I recently read a magazine article about Valerie Bertinelli  ( Woman's Day, I think; she was on the cover, if that helps) in which she describes a day that she spent in bed. Her husband was away travelling (I think), and of course she's had an empty nest now for years, so there weren't too many arrangements for … Continue reading Pajama Day!

Finishing my (first) book

My One Word (aka New Year's Resolution) for 2011 was to finish my book. Instead, I wrote a second one. What's that about? Well, what I told myself at the time was that I was following a strategy that Stephen King advocated in On Writing, where you put your "finished" manuscript into a drawer and … Continue reading Finishing my (first) book