It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a garage?…NO! It’s a barn!

This is the little structure that could. It started out life as a garage, a two-car garage to be specific. It lived its quiet, two-car garage life for 15 years. Then we bought the house that it was cohabitating with, and then…everything changed.

It started slowly…First, Bill didn’t want to sacrifice the entire garage, and also didn’t want to sacrifice more of the yard for a barn, so a compromise is reached over time, after much perusing of chicken coop plans and barn layouts and reference books and internet research.

Next, he got his ideas down on paper and reworked it all until he was satisfied with the logistics of it. Then he found someone that was willing and able to work with him to make the plan become a reality. And finally, the biggest miracle of it all, is the person actually showed up and did the work he had agreed to do when he agreed to do it!

Mindboggling in the construction world, isn’t it?

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The cupola was added after much back-and-forthing about whether the weathervane should be a chicken (which we have) or a llama (which we wish we had but don’t have now). We even took a poll right here on kwrites to get your input. We settled on the llama, because llamas are talented guarders of chickens.

Most recently, the barn door was added to the front of the garage and the transformation is (I think!) complete. Well, for now.

Where I saw a garage,  Bill saw a barn…and now it is a barn.

Cool, huh? 🙂


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