Winter bounty

Lately we've been getting so many eggs because we've (well, full disclosure: it's mostly been my husband) been working on the timing of new chicks. . . the September 1st chicks have now begun laying brown eggs. In the spring, we will refresh the white and green egg layers. We used to only get new chicks … Continue reading Winter bounty


(Chicken) Food for Thought

  To all my gardener friends and friends of friends local to Wells:  Want to do a good deed for your feathered fowl friends? Give us your tired, wretched masses...of produce! Reasons to bring your inedible, unappetizing, or otherwise unappealing garden food items to my house: Drive by and drop off! You don't even have to get out of … Continue reading (Chicken) Food for Thought

How it feels to be attacked by a rooster

  Ever wonder how it actually feels to be the target of a rooster? I didn't give it much thought, actually, until it happened to me.  So, what's it like?  Well, the first thing was, I was surprised! I had no warning that the big guy was about to come at me. I was just … Continue reading How it feels to be attacked by a rooster

reasons to keep a (possible) rooster

recently my husband was at the feed store getting (you guessed it!) feed and supplies for the chickens. in the chick brooder outside, there were baby chicks and while he was waiting, he stopped to take a peep (:)) at them. Longhorn is a good source for baby chickens if you are looking for just a few … Continue reading reasons to keep a (possible) rooster