Get happy

MinionsMaybe you fellow NaNoWriMo-ers  are in need of a break from the endless typing inherent in the race to get 50,ooo words down into a word doc by November 30th.

Option 1: I’m thinking that some laugh therapy sure as hell couldn’t hurt. If you have access to the Disney Channel (34 on Maine Time Warner Cable), Despicable Me (wait for it; this link might take a while to load) is on tomorrow at 10:45AM. You can DVR it and watch it sometime when you are desperate for a break and a laugh.

Option 2: Need something right now? How about a 5 minute Dance Party (for one or more, depending on the tolerance of your family, pets, and/or other housemates). In keeping with the ‘get happy’ theme, you can click on the link to the You Tube video version of Pharell Willams’ Happy Song (from Despicable Me 2). Go ahead. Get jiggy wit’ it.

P.S. I think Option 2 might actually also count as your cardio for the day.

You’re welcome. 🙂


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