photoIf you love the minions and are trolling for minion products to surround yourself with happiness, I am here to lend you a hand.

Walmart has small packages of minion stickers in the card/party section and boxes of minion bandaids in the (you guessed it) the bandaid section. Both are inexpensive, under $3. The Women’s section has one-piece pajamas that are covered in minions, and it has a hood that consists of a minion head with glasses for $20.  (HINT: Makes a great Halloween costume!).

The Dollar Store has these cups (look to your left) for (you guessed it) only $1.

Target has some very cute T shirts for about $8-$9. I found one in the Women’s section, several Boys’ section (even a Halloween-themed one), and a couple in the Girls’ section. They also had some very cool knit hats and little stretchy gloves for boys, but alas, they only came in size 4-7 which was too small for my head and hands.

Pay attention when you cut the tags off of any minion clothing you buy; some of them have cool cardboard minion TAGS. I have used them for book marks, and I also have one taped to my computer monitor at work.

Why not? It’s the little things, right?







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