My birthday

  I hope you all had fun with me this week. In addition to the week of cakes, my daughter gifted me with a cake today, bringing my total to eight for the week, and this is the one with which we celebrated with singing and candles. Here is today's cake from Wells IGA: Caramel … Continue reading My birthday


Go with the flow

I attended a chakra class at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital this weekend. Chakras, as you may know, are energy centers in the body that energy flows through, often described as spinning discs of different colors. Find out more about chakras here: Anodea Judith's Wheels of Life One thing that came up in the class was that taking a … Continue reading Go with the flow

String theory

I recently attended a memorial service. I didn't know the woman who died, Mary, very well, but that didn't stop me from crying almost from the time the first words were out of the celebrant's mouth. Like Lt. Columbo said, "...death reminds you of death" (or something close to that). Not only was I sad … Continue reading String theory

Angels at the beach

I was walking at the beach with my daughter and my husband the other day. I was thinking about how big she'd gotten, which led to thoughts of her at different ages throughout the years, and how I received that sign from my dad that I was pregnant with her. Of course, thinking about one … Continue reading Angels at the beach

Ocean: the cure for what ails you

Respiratory complaints. Got a cold? Sinus infection? Get thee to the beach. Breathe in that salt air! In my opinion, breathing in ocean air is the one true "pulmonary toilet". Acne. When I was growing up, I had an older cousin who would bring large, empty gallon milk containers to fill up with the Atlantic to … Continue reading Ocean: the cure for what ails you

Put the ‘oy’ in ‘annoy’

I love the beach. I love it so much, that I live near it. Whenever I have a few moments of free time, I often head to the ocean to say "hi". Like yesterday. There was still a little daylight left after I got back home from work so I grabbed a book, a sandwich, … Continue reading Put the ‘oy’ in ‘annoy’