Following the clues

1991I had a dream two nights ago, the night of the full moon, come to think of it.

I dreamed about numbers.

So, have you ever dreamed about numbers? This is a new phenomenon for me. The sequence I dreamed came through loud and clear:


I didn’t see or hear the numbers so much as I just thought them. Loudly. In the dream.

I know, right?

Of course, once I awoke I realized that 1991 is the year my son was born, but this didn’t seem to resonate as to what the message of the dream might be.

After puzzling over it, it dawned on me to do what every red-blooded American teenager does when faced with a question they don’t know the answer to.

I googled it.

Google showed me this:

Angel Numbers-Joanne Sacred Scribes

Sacred Scribes? Hel-lo? Has a writer ever coined a more beautiful title? I want to be a Sacred Scribe! I was smitten before I even started reading the article!

Anyway, it turns out that 1991 is actually a meaningful sequence in general, and very meaningful to me in particular.

I am learning so much by just following the clues to where they lead!!


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