Have you checked out my new website yet?

There has been a lot of great things happening on my new website, KarenCreamer.com. The BRAVE Interview with Jane Fecteau posted June 1st. I kicked off The Holistic Practitioners Interview Series (inspired by my new book, Honor Your Health (watch the trailer here), releasing by 8.3.18) in May with Kristen Leighton, Yoga Practitioner. I posted my review … Continue reading Have you checked out my new website yet?


On the radio with Megan Brady

**UPDATE: Here is the link to listen to the interview!** http://www.edgeradioarchives.com/audio/121916creameronbravething.mp3 I was just interviewed about my book by Megan Brady for her show "The Morningline with Megan Brady" for EdgeRadio (an online streaming station through Seacoast Media Group). How wonderful it is to be interviewed by someone who is great at it (thank you, … Continue reading On the radio with Megan Brady

Blog Identity Crisis

I've been experimenting with different looks for my blog, which some of you will (of course) have noticed. I actually spent a lot of time setting it to look 'more professional', with my author presence dominating the show. As my husband is always telling me, "Focus!" Here's the thing, though. I have to reinterpret what … Continue reading Blog Identity Crisis

Writer’s lull

For weeks and weeks, I was the whirling dervish of writing: I had a few blogs going for which I posted several times a week. I was writing 2000 words a day for my book. I was writing book reviews for several websites. I was writing restaurant reviews and food articles for an online magazine. I … Continue reading Writer’s lull

Please consider being a guest blogger on Sharpen Your Knives!

This is where women can come to vent about their (past, present, maybe even future?) husbands’…idiosyncrasies. You know what I’m talking about. Share your stories, anonymously or not, with other like-minded individuals. Sharp stories, edgy entreaties, and amusing anecdotes are welcome. It’s easy to be part of  Sharpen Your Knives Subscribe to SYK. Submit your story to kmcwrites@gmail.com. Remember to say whether your … Continue reading Please consider being a guest blogger on Sharpen Your Knives!

Blog in transition

I'm trying out some new themes this month to celebrate the transition of my blog from kwrites.wordpress.com to just kwrites.com. Yay, me! It seemed fitting to mark the occasion with just a tiny hint of fanfare (is that wrong??). Today's theme is "GREYZED". Please feel free to 'like' this post if you like this format, … Continue reading Blog in transition

WordPress Post a week challenge

I’ve decided I want to blog more consistently. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now but having a "Goldilocks" moment... Issues: Once a day seemed like too much. I didn't want to set my self up to fail from the outset, after all. Once a week seemed like not enough. I'm already blogging … Continue reading WordPress Post a week challenge