I have exciting news!

I have finally decided to #BeBrave and put my own name on my online presence. I am gathering up my author website kwrites.com and my coach website karencoaches.com and uniting them into one shiny new website, KarenCreamer.com!


You can still follow me on both of my Facebook pages: K.M. Creamer, Author and Metaphysical Nurse.

Clarity is a wonderful thing!

You will still find all the great content you have become accustomed to: book and movie reviews, holistic health topics, my online classes, all of my books, events, and doings, and of course, the monthly BRAVE Interviews. There will also be some new features!

I will no longer be posting on these websites effective May 11, 2018 and will close them down shortly thereafter. I want you to stay with me, so please CLICK HERE to keep receiving email notifications about new posts.

I can’t wait to connect with you on my new website: KarenCreamer.com  


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