How to plant asparagus and potatoes (spring garden part 2)

After the rototilling (thanks, Bill!) and the fertilizing and the leveling the soil in the raised beds with a rake was finished, we started planting. About a quarter of one of the gardens was planted with asparagus about 3 years ago, and we both love it so much we decided to expand that garden. We … Continue reading How to plant asparagus and potatoes (spring garden part 2)


Spring garden, part 1: the herbs

In honor of National Herb Week (first week of May) we're starting to get our herb garden into shape for this year. A quick tour of the raised bed revealed a nice surprise: some of last years perennial herbs have greened up already and are looking pretty edible. The first ones I noticed were the chives. As Stephen … Continue reading Spring garden, part 1: the herbs

Garden update: November

Remember the (multiple) posts I've written about how much chickens love pumpkins? Well my husband did a wild and crazy thing: he bartered with the local Walmart and struck a world-class deal to help rid them of all of their end of season pumpkins. (After all, as soon as Halloween is over they have to make … Continue reading Garden update: November

The garden’s last gasp

So I went out to see what was left in the garden, and was surprised to find that there actually was something left. A handful of cherry tomatoes, a japanese eggplant, and the sole orange bell pepper that was produced by that plant. There is also some basil, beets, carrots...lettuce and spinach coming up that … Continue reading The garden’s last gasp

Exercise? Ugh!

Some people love exercise; I am not one of those people. I like to eat big, however, so I have to (at least sometimes) engage in physical activity of some sort to avoid doubling in size. I subscribe to the idea that little (read: bearable)  increments of exercise throughout the day that add up to a half … Continue reading Exercise? Ugh!

Sad day for tomatoes

Well, I have some distressing news today: they have come. The dreaded tomato horned worm has invaded my tomato garden. In all of the years that I've been growing tomatoes, this is a (terrible) first. I guess it's true: if you plant it, they will come.  It's especially depressing because (for once!) this has such … Continue reading Sad day for tomatoes

Midsummer garden update

Well, so far, so good. After the scary appearance of blossom end rot on two of the heirloom plum tomatoes (Juliets, I think, but since my husband buried its name tag during planting, it's anybody's guess, really) that led to me wildly flinging them into the woods, no more have reared its ugly (and I … Continue reading Midsummer garden update

Garden Update

Things are really doing well this year. I've been picking zucchini, yellow squash, string beans, and sugar snap peas for a while now. I thought I'd picked the last strawberry last week, but then the funky pink-flowered strawberry plant that I found at the Portland Farmer's Market a few months ago produced a couple more! … Continue reading Garden Update

Garden update

The garden is looking so great so far this year (excuse me while I knock on wood). Again, I congratulate my self on holding back a few blueberries and strawberries long enough to take a picture before devouring them all! blueberries and strawberries from the garden early june In addition to these, the blackberries and raspberries … Continue reading Garden update

They’re ba-ack!

I'm referring to those annoying Japanese beetles, that every year show up to wreak havoc in my garden. Last year it was the cherry tree and the highbush blueberries that they were targeting. This year, it's the apple and the crabapple trees that they are busily destroying. (Can you say "murderous rage"?). Estabrooks sent me … Continue reading They’re ba-ack!