They’re ba-ack!

I’m referring to those annoying Japanese beetles, that every year show up to wreak havoc in my garden. Last year it was the cherry tree and the highbush blueberries that they were targeting. This year, it’s the apple and the crabapple trees that they are busily destroying. (Can you say “murderous rage”?).

Estabrooks sent me an email warning me of their return…2 days after I had discovered them myself. The next day my husband inspected the garden and (of course) there was no sign of said beetles. Sigh. How to get rid of them?

Estabrooks  will happily sell you some poisons that are known to sometimes be effective in the war against Japanese beetles (and other offenders).  Either stop by their stores or you can purchase them online.

Speaking of annoying insects that are making me miserable in the garden (not to mention at the beach) this year…horseflies  are next on the list but no less annoying than the Japanese beetles (and don’t even get me started on the mosquitos!). How to repel and/or kill these bugs? Not much is out there online on this topic. I did find one article with some do-it-yourself methods to try. Since it can often make me feel better and more in control (even if it’s only illusory), I think it’s worth trying anything vs. doing nothing.

Have any of you got any reliable methods to get rid of Japanese beetles and horseflies?


4 thoughts on “They’re ba-ack!

    1. i didn’t include a picture of them because they are SO GROSS that you’d have to close your eyes, then you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway. ha!

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