I am not exactly sure if  'metamorphing' is the correct word; maybe 'morphing' would suffice. I only know that this year of being 50 has been much different from what I expected. My forties were a decade of furiosity, including but not limited to: furious writing, reading, cooking, baking, yoga-ing (walking, hula-hooping, Wii-dancing and other … Continue reading Metamorphing


50: The year I got old

I was thinking about how I have been in a funk these past several weeks, when I realized, no, it's actually been several months now that I've been feeling this way.  I realized what is partly affecting my mood and my decisions is this: I feel old. My skin looks old. All of my joints … Continue reading 50: The year I got old

Second act

I was watching the second episode of the new season of The Middle on TV. In it, Frankie has just unexpectedly lost her job and decides that instead of just running out to get another (crappy) job, she is going to treat this event as an opportunity,  a 'second act' in her life. She decides to … Continue reading Second act

Girls of a feather

My daughter and I got matching feathers a few months ago. Why? I don't know. We were at a business expo and there was someone offering to feather people for $5. She said it usually costs $8 but it was a special price Today Only (certainly we've all heard that before). Anyway, she wanted one … Continue reading Girls of a feather


I want to go to Italy, but so far have not managed to pull this off (I'll be a walking cliche and say it's on my bucket list). Instead, I surround myself with some Italian inspired things. Souvenirs so far: The Amore Dish, affectionately referred to by the gifter as "The Poison Plate" because once purchased and brought … Continue reading Souvenirs

Staring down fifty

I'm going to be 50 this year and have been thinking about what I want to do about it. It seems like a great opportunity for it not to be "just another birthday". I have had a lot of ideas about how to mark the milestone as well as how to celebrate the day. I … Continue reading Staring down fifty


I got an email to attend a Scrapbooking Weekend, and even though I'm a novice scrapbooker, I didn't want to pass up an opportunity to spend a full day with a friend, so I was so happy when I was able to arrange it so that I could attend one of the sessions. I started thinking … Continue reading Scrapbooking