Home is where?

Recently my husband and I took a vacation. This is news, because it was OUT OF STATE. Way out. Like, in NJ. Just getting the same days off from work together to go took weeks-and an aligning of the planets AND and act of congress. What was better about Atlantic City than Wells, ME? Not … Continue reading Home is where?


Time: is it on my side?

I made a decision the week that I turned 50 and also was on vacation: I wouldn't wear my watch. I had a couple of goals. 1. To stop being so ruled by the time of day it was (eg: "time for breakfast" or "time for bed") 2. To make my vacation feel longer. So … Continue reading Time: is it on my side?


I want to go to Italy, but so far have not managed to pull this off (I'll be a walking cliche and say it's on my bucket list). Instead, I surround myself with some Italian inspired things. Souvenirs so far: The Amore Dish, affectionately referred to by the gifter as "The Poison Plate" because once purchased and brought … Continue reading Souvenirs