Book Review: Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess

Not even dark chocolate can fix this mess by Kathy Eliscu is so much fun to read! I started reading this book weeks ago, when it first came out, and then I sadly had to put it aside so that I could finish a project (okay, publishing my own book!). But 'Not Even...' called to me … Continue reading Book Review: Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess


Alive and Kickin’

Want to make your daughter's day?  Sing a song from your youth. I did this today, and in front of her friend, no less. What the hell was I thinking? I don't know. I was inspired. In my defense, the song came on after "Operator" by Lady Gaga, catching me a little off guard. Yes, … Continue reading Alive and Kickin’

50: The year I got old

I was thinking about how I have been in a funk these past several weeks, when I realized, no, it's actually been several months now that I've been feeling this way.  I realized what is partly affecting my mood and my decisions is this: I feel old. My skin looks old. All of my joints … Continue reading 50: The year I got old


I passed by the TV in the common area at work and they were interviewing someone or other (I am guessing it was Gretchen Rubin) who was talking about how important it is to write down things for which you are grateful. Further, if you take the time to write a gratitude list, you will … Continue reading Gratitude

The big lie

"Effective multitasking is a myth. Would you want a tooth filled by a dentist who was talking on a cell phone? "~ Downeast Magazine, April 2012, p. 25, "Time for a Driver Cellphone Ban". I've been thinking a lot about this quote since I read it. And when I dropped (and broke) several of the vintage Pyrex bowls I … Continue reading The big lie

Great audiobook

I just finished this book and I really enjoyed it. Lisa Scottoline,whom I'd never heard of, spoke right to me and many of my issues. Even though she's twice divorced (nope, not me), she lives with 5 dogs (nope, I live with 3 humans...and chickens!) has 1 child (I have 2), has seen 50 come … Continue reading Great audiobook

The Clutter of Days

I'm reminded, as the new year looms, that I haven't done an update about My One Word in a few months. You remember... my New Year's Resolution? Redolent in its simplicity... the purity of one word ("Edit") that morphed into the clutter of two words (I added "Focus" one month in to make my resolution double … Continue reading The Clutter of Days