Ocean: the cure for what ails you

  1. Respiratory complaints. Got a cold? Sinus infection? Get thee to the beach. Breathe in that salt air! In my
    The ocean at Two Lights

    opinion, breathing in ocean air is the one true “pulmonary toilet“.

  2. Acne. When I was growing up, I had an older cousin who would bring large, empty gallon milk containers to fill up with the Atlantic to bring home. Why? She used it to “treat” her acne. She swore that using the salt water from the ocean as a final rinse kept her skin clear and her breakouts to a minimum.
  3. Rashes. Same principle as #2.
  4. Wounds. Bruising? Cuts? Submerge the affected part in the ocean. My theory is that it stimulates circulation to speed wound healing.
  5. Joint problems. Same principle as #4.
  6. Depressed mood. I repeat: get thee to the beach! See, hear, smell, feel (okay, but probably you wouldn’t want to taste it…unless you do that vicariously through, say, fried clams or lobster…) the ocean! Bring your binoculars; maybe you’ll see a seal or a cormorant (okay, so last time I went I saw a rat, but then I refocused my attention and saw the cormorant!). How can your spirits not lift? I ask you.

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”
~author, Isak Denison

Anybody have any other ills that they feel the ocean has cured??


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