Put the ‘oy’ in ‘annoy’

I love the beach. I love it so much, that I live near it. Whenever I have a few moments of free time, I often head to the ocean to say “hi”.

Like yesterday. There was still a little daylight left after I got back home from work so I grabbed a book, a sandwich, and headed for the beach. I was very happy to find a free space. I parked, opened my windows a bit, opened my sandwich, opened my book, and settled in. For just about a minute, all was well.

Well, I forgot that it’s July now, and not April. THEY were there. You know, them: other people. With their unsmiling faces as they walk right out in front of your car to cross the parking lot without looking first.  Smoking. Coughing. Smashing their “man purses” into the front end of  your car as they lumbered by with their dripping ice cream cones. With their unleashed dogs. With their screaming children who drop their drawers and pee right on the sand (you know, where we walk? with our bare feet?). With their malodorous, unwashed bodies (hello? the rooms at the motel do have showers! It doesn’t cost extra to use them!).

Well, after 10 minutes of this, even two of my most favorite things (beach and book) lost their luster. I put up my window. I left. I didn’t look back.

I can’t wait for fall.


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