National Cupcake Day

I just got this in under the wire...I can't believe that I didn't know it was National Cupcake Day today! I must be pretty darned distracted to miss this. I'm not even in any position right now to bake or obtain a cupcake to consume, so I must celebrate vicariously through Thoughts of Cupcakes Past. … Continue reading National Cupcake Day


What (I think) I am doing on my summer vacation

Nothing gets done without a plan, right? Write it down, make it happen, as the saying goes. Well, I'm writing it down. Universe? Make it happen! First, the not fun, obligatory things: Friday: waste the day emptying out the fridge and freezer into coolers with ice packs, then waiting for Sears to deliver our THIRD new … Continue reading What (I think) I am doing on my summer vacation