Gratitude journal continued…

  January 16, 2013 1 Sears Refrigerator repair guy coming out in the snow to fix my broken fridge and freezer. 2. Husband, for shoveling us out...and other things... 3. Everyone got where they were going safely today. 4. Getting out of work EARLY for once. 5. Getting my CPR renewal date set before current … Continue reading Gratitude journal continued…


The first harbinger of spring

I have some  happy news for all of you that live here in southern Maine. Spring is nigh. How do I know this?  Because: THE DAIRY QUEEN IS OPENING TODAY!!!! If your family is anything like mine, you've been counting the days until the DQ reopened...well count no more. Now, after Memorial Day weekend and … Continue reading The first harbinger of spring

Plans that don’t work out

We decided to head over to Shaw's Ridge Farm Ice Cream, BBQ, and Mini-Golf a few days ago. I'd been wanting to go there for weeks and we finally had a day off together to go. I looked it up online, got directions, and saw that it opened at "11AM daily", but somehow missed the … Continue reading Plans that don’t work out

oh, the rain!

gather the animals! build the ark!~actually, we have to (re)build the retaining wall that collapsed last night,  sending wildlife (mice, night crawlers, grubs as big as your head...) out into the night. also the one that held UP the back stairs, and the one that held BACK the water that had collected over the past several weeks … Continue reading oh, the rain!