The Donut Hole

Donut Hole

 The Donut Hole ((207) 929-5060) is located in Buxton, ME and is a cute little place with a variety of offerings…all good. I found it one day when my daughter and I were on an errand for my husband: a run to pick up baby chicks at Andy’s Agway, a truly taxing  job which required small baked goods be applied liberally post pick up.

My tween daughter and my husband had been to The Donut Hole before without me when they came to Agway on a similar chicken-raising related errand and had enjoyed their purchases very much.

Izzy got ice cream at her last visit, and even though it was only 10:30 am she wanted to order that again, so I said okay. Hey, ice cream has calcium, right?

I, of course, had to order a cupcake (all right, TWO cupcakes~they were too darn pretty to choose just one!) to try them out, as well as an eclair. Izzy and I took them home, cut them in half, and spread the eating of them out over a couple of days. Everything we bought was delicious…including the ice cream (of course she shared a little of her ice cream with me!). They make eclairs two different ways, so be sure to ask the staff what the difference is. 
I bet you’re thinking of excuses to run to Agway right about now, huh?  🙂

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