Blue Moon

My husband and I got up early and raced outside to try to see the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse at the 'optimal time' here in Maine (6:45 am)--since it only occurs once every hundred years or so, we didn't want to miss it. And it was up there...behind the trees. So we jumped in the … Continue reading Blue Moon


Dear Coffee, I love you

"Before coffee, I'm up, I'm moving around, but I'm not awake," said some wise soul somewhere. Until I typed the words, I actually couldn't remember where I'd heard it but I just did. Peter Falk uttered this truism in one of his Columbo episodes. Truer words (about me) were never spoken. How did I get … Continue reading Dear Coffee, I love you

Coffee or tea?

I love coffee. I became a regular coffee drinker in college. My friend Diane and I would go to HoJo's for late night breakfasts and bottomless cups of coffee. Because I drank it faster than the waitress could replenish the cream, I soon became a black coffee drinker. This worked well for us because then Di … Continue reading Coffee or tea?