BOOK REVIEW: The Story Of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

I just closed this book and I have tears streaming down my face. Usually, I wouldn't care for a book that left me in this emotional state. This book was different, however. This is one of the best books I have ever read, maybe in my whole life. I was looking forward to this new … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The Story Of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

My new book

My new book started out as something else. I published my first novel, One Brave Thing, last year. Over the course of the year of doing talks and readings, I thought a lot about my characters and the story. One day, I had the thought: What if Bebe stays with Steven? How would her life have … Continue reading My new book

How Bebe got her name

When I thought about naming the characters in my novel, I thought it would be fun. I could pick any names I wanted! I didn't have to please anyone but myself! No worries about coming to a consensus with someone else! My father-in -law's mother chose his name from the society column in the newspaper. … Continue reading How Bebe got her name

My soon to be published book

...soon to be published, as Blondie so fabulously put it, one way or another. The most important step, to FINISH it, is done! My next step is to send out a query to an agent. Yep; I'm starting with just one. I’ll go from there. The one I am sending it to is with an … Continue reading My soon to be published book

Finishing my (first) book

My One Word (aka New Year's Resolution) for 2011 was to finish my book. Instead, I wrote a second one. What's that about? Well, what I told myself at the time was that I was following a strategy that Stephen King advocated in On Writing, where you put your "finished" manuscript into a drawer and … Continue reading Finishing my (first) book