The kindness of strangers

My daughter was working in a project for her history class that required her to do a Jackie Chan impersonation. This required her to wear a gi ( full disclosure: until I googled it I was spelling it 'gee'-my bad). Izzy did take karate years ago...for about 5 minutes. Needless to say, we did not … Continue reading The kindness of strangers


Making a list

I've been working on my Christmas gift list recently, and I've warned the children that Christmas will be, um, leaner this year than in the past, so they should be prepared. I guess I kind of went a little overboard last year, and am trying not to repeat that this year, especially since the big … Continue reading Making a list

Toy Story 3

When I take my daughter to see a (kids) movie, my expectations are generally quite low. I find this to be an effective strategy in maximizing any potential enjoyment of said movie, as well as to minimize any potential boredom (my other strategy is to bring my knitting and a book light; I can knit … Continue reading Toy Story 3