The devil you know: part 2

I feel obligated to update you all after my first post about buying a new cell phone. First I went to Radio Shack where I bought a Samsung Flight II. It was a cute phone and I chose it because it was the closest to the one my daughter has (that after a rocky start, … Continue reading The devil you know: part 2

The devil you know

While I was busy, out living my life, my cell phone was plotting to thwart my happiness. Now, I never loved it to begin with; it was my only option when my beloved pink Motorola Razr phone gave out after we had three lovely years together. So, I never loved it, but I...relied on it. Using it several … Continue reading The devil you know

The worst cell phone experience ever

The OffenderWhat's a mom to do? When you have the whole Christmas thing under control, all presents bought and (almost all) wrapped, you might be feeling a little cocky. The only thing that I had left to do was activate the cell phone that was the tween daughter's big gift this year. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading The worst cell phone experience ever

Hello, last minute!

Okay, you (and you know who you all are)'s time to get serious! There is less than a week left before Christmas, so it's time to get your butt in gear. Still need to get a few presents, but the thought of dodging all of those crazy people at the mall makes you feel faint? … Continue reading Hello, last minute!