Hello, last minute!

Okay, you (and you know who you all are)…it’s time to get serious! There is less than a week left before Christmas, so it’s time to get your butt in gear. Still need to get a few presents, but the thought of dodging all of those crazy people at the mall makes you feel faint? Well, here’s an idea: Don’t go there! Stay away! Go elsewhere!

Maybe you think that you have to go to the mall because you need that gift card to Abercrombie and Fitch, or Justice, or Kohl’s…think Shaw’s in Sanford. Need a bookstore gift card? They have that. An Amazon gift card? Check.  Old Navy? Check. About the only thing they didn’t have last Tuesday morning at 8AM was a crowd. No crowd equals no line at the register.

Here’s another idea: go to the new Tractor Supply Store, which just recently opened in Sanford (right next to Wal-Mart). They have some cute things in the front of the store that are kind of unique.

Where NOT to go: Portsmouth AT&T. We bought a phone there and added a line and when we went to activate it, it WOULDN’T ACTIVATE. Now, there was no problem with the phone itself (cute, blue, the one my daughter wanted); it worked fine. The problem (which took about and hour and a half of my life on the phone with AT&T customer service to figure out) was that even though they said you could activate the line at a later date (you know, so you weren’t paying  $30 plus taxes and fees for the new rate plan, the line itself, text messaging while the phone sat in its box under the tree, unused)…wait for it….wait for it…you really CAN’T do that! It has to be activated by them at the Portsmouth store! Fifty three miles from where you are now! Surprise! Fooled ya!

The only thing worse than being a “Last minuter” is finding yourself scrambling at the last minute through not fault of your own (this transaction happened 11/22/10!)

So there you are: three shopping(and full working) days before Christmas, and S.O.L., as my grandmother used to say.

Hello, Radio Shack. They’ll be open until 9pm tonight. 🙂


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