The worst cell phone experience ever

The Offender

What’s a mom to do? When you have the whole Christmas thing under control, all presents bought and (almost all) wrapped, you might be feeling a little cocky.

The only thing that I had left to do was activate the cell phone that was the tween daughter’s big gift this year. Imagine my surprise (not to mention annoyance)when, as I tried to activate the cell phone, it would not activate!

Now, I was certainly no stranger to cell phones. I had purchased and activated more than one of these little suckers over the years without a hitch, but after one automated line and two different cell phone company reps were unable to activate it, I still had a cell phone with no service. The helpful reps suggested that I return the phone (60 miles away from where I was) that day (it was the last day they would accept the return) and start over from scratch, preferably at Radio Shack.

I did go to Radio Shack, but they didn’t have the color I wanted and they were going to charge me $20 more, so I didn’t buy it. I went online and tried to order it that way, with a very nice, helpful customer service person, Latricia, on the phone trying to help me troubleshoot. After 36 minutes we determined that this alternate route was not working either. She offered to call around to local stores to find one that had The Phone That She Wanted (see picture of The Offender above) and call me back. I accepted this offer.

She did call me back, and none of their stores had the phone I was looking for.

Meanwhile, I gave the online method another shot. An online “live chat” person was helping me, and after another 40 minutes or so had passed, it was still not processing the order. I gave up.

Thirty seconds later, I got an email thanking me for my order. Go figure.

Now, I still had to activate this one, so I was not celebrating yet. Activation  was a long, drawn out affair, lasting about an hour, and when I finally got off the phone with them at almost 11 o’clock last night, I still had no guarantee that anything they said that they did actually was done.

It will be very interesting to see the first bill when it comes.

Any guesses as to which wireless company I’m dealing with?


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