The devil you know: part 2

I feel obligated to update you all after my first post about buying a new cell phone.

First I went to Radio Shack where I bought a Samsung Flight II. It was a cute phone and I chose it because it was the closest to the one my daughter has (that after a rocky start, I ended up really liking but that they don’t sell anymore). I took it home.

It was a problem from the start. The battery wouldn’t stay charged for more than 12 hours (and that was only if I didn’t use the phone at all!). The nice man at Radio Shack tried to tell me: “That sounds about right.” Huh? Did he really think I was going to believe that?

I decided that maybe it was just a bad battery and exchanged it. That was my second mistake. The new phone was better than the first one, but still terrible. I took it back, got out my old phone and decided to start over. Square one.

I asked a few of my friends what kind of cell phones they had and if they liked them or not. I was very surprised to discover that most people do not like their cell phones. The exceptions to this rule were few, but they did have one thing in common: they all had iphones. I told my son that I was getting a new cell phone and he said, “You might as well get an iphone.”

Well all-righty then. That’s what i did.


i‘m in love, i‘m in love (with my iphone!) and i don’t care who knows it!



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