My first public reading of my book

I was at the local library recently to read some passages of my first novel, One Brave Thing. It was my first time reading aloud from my book in front of other people. I am not someone who loves public speaking. Actually, I am someone who hyperventilates at the thought of public speaking. Most of … Continue reading My first public reading of my book


My First Farmers Market Book Sale

Today was my first day selling my book, One Brave Thing, at a farmers market. The Saco River Farmers Market, to be exact. I'd been there before, but not for a year or two. I had planned to scope it out ahead of time, but work and family commitments prevented me from doing so. It … Continue reading My First Farmers Market Book Sale

Book Review: Celebrating Death

When I discovered that one of my colleagues wrote a book, I couldn't wait to read it.  The book is Celebrating Death: A Guidebook for Dying Well by Esther Shapiro, R.N., Msc.D. The author comes by her expertise regarding death both personally and professionally, and she generously shares her hard-won insights regarding her experiences from both. … Continue reading Book Review: Celebrating Death

Book Review: The Box of Daughter

I wanted to read Katherine Mayfield's book 'The Box of Daughter' for a long time before I finally did. This is one of the few times I knew the author before I knew the book. I met Katherine through a Wells-Ogunquit Adult Education class I took several years ago when I was working on my own … Continue reading Book Review: The Box of Daughter

Bebe, the Movie

I am working on the idea of making my book One Brave Thing into a movie! Its (probably) only a matter of time before the producers come a-knockin'. After all, other Maine authors have had their books made into movies. 😀 Here's a little bit of what I'm anticipating: Warner Brothers and actor/director Nick Cassavetes (my … Continue reading Bebe, the Movie

How to do a book reading and signing

I'm planning to do my first reading from my book One Brave Thing next month, so I thought I'd visit another author's event to show my support (oh, and to learn a thing or two, maybe) about how to set myself up for success. Kathy Eliscu was at the Falmouth Memorial Library last week reading from … Continue reading How to do a book reading and signing

My slip is showing

I have recently become aware of some minor formatting issues with my book, which I will be addressing in the next printing. 😀 Wasn't that mature of me? An amazingly calm reaction, since my inner critic and inner perfectionist are usually hard at work full-time, preventing me from letting anyone see my fiction writing, never … Continue reading My slip is showing

My first radio interview at Elemental Energies with Chris Ann

I had the good luck to be Chris Ann's guest on her live radio talk show last night on (WUPR). What a great experience! Chris Ann made me at home from the moment I entered her studio. We talked about my book and my other writings and doings. We also discussed ways of manifesting things … Continue reading My first radio interview at Elemental Energies with Chris Ann

My book is published! (part 2)

It's been a busy week! I was at Will's Copy Center yesterday, ordering some bookmarks (Maine Author!!) and flyers and such, when I ran into my friend, Denise. She was saying that it must be hard, putting the book out into the world. I said, "Yes! Thank you for validating that! It's terrifying!" This is true. … Continue reading My book is published! (part 2)

Book Review: SARK has a new book: Succulent Wild Love

I am writing today about the new book SUCCULENT WILD  LOVE by SARK and Dr John Waddell. SARK’s books are lovely, bold, and vibrant celebrations, and this collaboration is no different. It’s as visually gorgeous, vibrant, and engaging as all of her prior offerings.  In the past, she has written about being soulfully single and … Continue reading Book Review: SARK has a new book: Succulent Wild Love