My first book signing

I found out at the last minute New England Authors Expo having an author event last Friday night. Fortunately, it wasn't too late to participate! I had fun and met some very nice people! I brought my books and my daughter came to help me. Highlights: One woman said my book is "exactly the kind of book … Continue reading My first book signing


My book is published! (part 3)

Yes! My book One Brave Thing is now available at Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine! YAY! Please share this link with your friends! My book is also available at Annie's Book Stop in Wells and Nonesuch Books in Biddeford.

My book is published! (part 2)

It's been a busy week! I was at Will's Copy Center yesterday, ordering some bookmarks (Maine Author!!) and flyers and such, when I ran into my friend, Denise. She was saying that it must be hard, putting the book out into the world. I said, "Yes! Thank you for validating that! It's terrifying!" This is true. … Continue reading My book is published! (part 2)