Please consider being a guest blogger on Sharpen Your Knives!

This is where women can come to vent about their (past, present, maybe even future?) husbands’…idiosyncrasies. You know what I’m talking about. Share your stories, anonymously or not, with other like-minded individuals. Sharp stories, edgy entreaties, and amusing anecdotes are welcome. It’s easy to be part of  Sharpen Your Knives Subscribe to SYK. Submit your story to Remember to say whether your … Continue reading Please consider being a guest blogger on Sharpen Your Knives!


Pen pals

I have a new pen pal! It happened like this: I got an email from a reader of one of my myriad online writings. She took a leap of faith and asked if I wanted to correspond, either via email, traditional mail, or both. She shared information about her life, her family, her country. She is … Continue reading Pen pals

Another book to read

The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What It Really Takes to Stay Married by Iris Krasnow My rating: 4 of 5 stars I thought this book rocked. I was especially happy to find it when I did: at the end of my writing "How to Stay Married in Midlife" and launched the "Sharpen Your … Continue reading Another book to read

Rate your mate

The March 2011 Cosmopolitan Magazine contains The Sex Quiz for 20-somethings to take to find out what...well, you can do that math. I decided to design a quiz that we forty(and over)-somethings can take to gauge the viability and durability of our marriages (or other less formal but no less consuming unions). Here are the … Continue reading Rate your mate