Rate your mate

The March 2011 Cosmopolitan Magazine contains The Sex Quiz for 20-somethings to take to find out what…well, you can do that math.

I decided to design a quiz that we forty(and over)-somethings can take to gauge the viability and durability of our marriages (or other less formal but no less consuming unions).

Here are the rules: read each question, then answer a,b, or c. Go!

  1. Looks: He’s a) drop-dead gorgeous! b) not bad to look at c) drop-dead drab, but he’s mine and I love him
  2. Sex: He a) rocks my world! b) Sometimes he’s not too tired c) I lie back and think of England
  3. Housework: a) He could be on the cover of Porn for Women (he’s that good)! b) He knows what a vacuum is and he’s not afraid to use it…but that’s it c) He says, “My father never did housework and neither will I!”
  4. Parenting: a) I wish he’d been my father! b) He’s got some…issues c) He’s not even sure how many kids we have!
  5. Hygiene: a) He could be on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine! b) He has pretty good aim… c) I have to remind him to shower; ugh!

Okay, so it’s a short quiz, but hey, women our age are short on time, aren’t we?

So, how’d you do?

Mostly a’s: OMG! Are you married to my husband?!

Mostly b’s: There’s still hope. Consider calling one of the Dr. Lauras: Schlessinger or Berman for a consult.

Mostly c’s: Be thankful that there’s no more Dating Game. Consider setting up a profile on Match.com.

What do you think of my quiz?


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