oh, the rain!

gather the animals! build the ark!~actually, we have to (re)build the retaining wall that collapsed last night,  sending wildlife (mice, night crawlers, grubs as big as your head…) out into the night. also the one that held UP the back stairs, and the one that held BACK the water that had collected over the past several weeks of heavy rains that comprised the winter and first part of spring here this year, the water that  immediately found its way  into the basement, which is also my son’s room. you know, with the new furniture (to paraphrase billy costa from the  “matty in the morning” radio show on 107.1 (http://www.kiss108.com/pages/Matty.html): nothing stops the water). after work, i had to put on my swimmies and go to Lowe’s to buy a wet vac then go home to help husband (re: try hard to stay out of his way)  try to get ahead of the water that was coming through the basement wall and floor. at one point, he sent me to boil water and rip sheets…which i set off to do…finally! something i could do to be helpful! i was feeling pretty good until i recalled that this is the way that women traditionally got rid of their men during childbirth…give them some useless task to do to make them feel useful but the purpose of which was really just to get them out from underfoot until the baby was born! sigh. and to think i fell for this. ultimately i did feel a bit better when i realized that after i delivered (a wet vac, not a baby), my getting out of the way really WAS a big help.

any basement water horror stories out there?


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