(Chicken) Food for Thought

The flock


To all my gardener friends and friends of friends local to Wells: 

Want to do a good deed for your feathered fowl friends? Give us your tired, wretched masses…of produce!
Reasons to bring your inedible, unappetizing, or otherwise unappealing garden food items to my house:
  1. Drive by and drop off! You don’t even have to get out of your car; just lean out and place your unwanted items on the bottom shelf of the egg stand at the bottom of the driveway.
  2. You will feel good because you will be supporting a local farm.
  3. Chickens LOVE most produce.
What to bring?
  1. Unwanted post-halloween pumpkins
  2. Baseball bat sized zucchinis or cukes
  3. Apples and tomatoes (of any color and ripeness) that fell to the ground before you got to pick them
  4. The tired looking, wilty lettuce from the bottom of the crisper that you forgot about
  5. Banged up produce of any kind that you are too nervous to eat..

The chickens say thank you for any and all efforts! 


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