Conscious eating (WF&G week 2)

There I was,  in week 2. Here is what I’ve learned:  conscious eating is hard. Applying those 7 principles is hard.

 Regarding principle #3:  It is very hard to not do another blessed thing when you are eating, ever. Plus, I totally miss reading while I’m eating if I am eating alone. Regarding principle #2:  It also is hard for me to always sit down while eating. I sit down for 10 hours (plus commuting time) every day that I go to work, so I always stand while I am eating on my lunch breaks.  Regarding principle #4: It’s not always possible to tell if it’s my body or my mind that wants the tiramisu.

I know now why author Geneen Roth gives workshops about how to eat consciously: I’m guessing that few, if any, people would stick with it if they didn’t have the structure imposed upon them by another (structure that they had to pay for; money motivates).

I briefly entertained the idea of applying the “80/20” rule to conscious eating, but decided that it sort of demeaned it. I mean, I could have lived with it if I eliminated numbers 2, 3 and 4….

So, bottom line is this: week 2 was a bust.


2 thoughts on “Conscious eating (WF&G week 2)

  1. Yep… you’ve intrigued me. I’ll be hitting Barnes & Noble when I get back from vacation! You’ve gotta be doing something right because you really do look amazing!


    1. Judi, hey, consider getting it from the library first! You know, “try it before you buy it”! I went forward with great intentions but really got stuck in the second week. I’m interested to see what you think of it!

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