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My new book

My new book started out as something else. I published my first novel, One Brave Thing, last year. Over the course of the year of doing talks and readings, I thought a lot about my characters and the story. One day, I had the thought: What if Bebe stays with Steven? How would her life have been different? I got excited re-imagining how the story might go.

What_if_Bebe_Stays_with_Steven_Karen_CreamerI decided it would be nice to write a couple of bonus chapters to give away at my book signings. I started outlining what I wanted to write. This was last October, and I thought I would take advantage of National Novel Writing Month in November to write it. This gave me plenty of time to work on the outline, and as I added to it day by day, I realized that hey, this wasn’t a couple of bonus chapters.

This was a book.

So, I wrote my second novel the same way I wrote the first. What if Bebe Stays with Steven? was birthed during NaNoWriMo 2016, edited over the winter, and will be launched this month.


To celebrate, I am running a special on the Kindle amazon-coverversion of my first novel. One Brave Thing will be 99 cents from March 13th (my mother’s birthday :)) to March 20th, for one week only.

And then my second novel, What if Bebe Stays with Steven? launches March 21, 2017!


NaNoWriMo, here I come!

NaNoWriMo 2013So I think it’s true that the more you write, the more you write. Why?

  • Because it’s almost 11PM and I’ve been up since 5AM and I am sitting here writing this.
  • Because it’s Day 1 of National Novel Writing Month and I have been sitting here on this hard, hard chair writing for the past three hours to reach my 2000 word per day goal (which I did meet! I did! Yay me!) and still I am sitting here writing this.
  • Because even after I did meet my goal, I was motivated by my fellow writers on the NaNo Maine Facebook page to write just a little bit more and still I am sitting here writing this.

Maybe Homeopaths are on to something…like really does attract like.


NaNoWriMo go away