Fashion Plate

So many people have said, “Hey, where’d you get that blouse?” to me lately that I felt compelled, for the first time ever, to discuss my clothing.

Yep. This blog is about my blouse.


I first saw this blouse about 4 years ago in an online ad. I loved it! I thought, it would be the perfect thing to wear for Christmas!

I followed the link over NorthStyle to see how much it cost. And that’s where my love story ended. Seriously? Sixty bucks for a blouse?

I didn’t get it.

The following year, the same thing happened. I admired it from afar. I didn’t buy it. I wore my Wal-Mart Santa Sweater for Christmas instead.

Year 3, same old story. Saw it. Wanted it. Talked myself out of it. Wore the Wal-Mart Christmas Tree Sweater for Christmas.

The fourth year, I said, that’s it! I’m buying it! It was December. I followed the link over to discover my blouse in my size was backordered…until frikkin’ February! That wouldn’t do! No Plaid Georgette Blouse for you!
This year, I was ready. The first time I saw that sucker pop up on an online ad in October, I was decisive! I wasted not one moment! I figured if I wanted this blouse for 4 years, that counted for something, didn’t it? I bought it and I’ve never looked back.

I love it! Everyone else loves it, too! It’s got long-ish sleeves but is lightweight, so when you start feeling the heat, no one can see you sweat! It covers my bum! It really is floaty and swirly! You can throw it in the washing machine and don’t have to iron it! I’ve already worn it more than I’ve worn half of the clothes in my closet, so I am sure I will be wringing every dime of my money’s worth out of it. It’s every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be.

Moral: If you want something for four years, it’s probably okay to buy it.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Plate

  1. Lovely! Almost enough to make me want it, if I hadn’t sworn off 3/4 sleeves since the first time I encountered them in the 80s. They drive me crazy! But again, yes, I see why you get so many compliments. And although I used to ignore clothing completely and schlub around in the worst stuff, at some point I realized that if I really like something about what I’m wearing, it’s easier to get that little bounce in my step. So I agree, you are most definitely getting your money’s worth!

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