Despicable Me, the movie

I took my daughter to see “Despicable me”  this past weekend and we both loved it. It’s no “Toy Story 3“, but definitely is worth the price of admission (so to speak). 

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The main character, Gru, is played by Steve Carell, and he becomes a dad after he adopts 3 orphaned girls for bad-deed-doing purposes. He plays the role as a kind of  “anti-dad”…for example, he says out loud the things that some parents may find themselves thinking at the end of a long hard day of work and child rearing, but would never actually say to their children. 

Gru does say these thoughts he’s thinking.  Out loud. There is no censor. Pay attention to the scene when finally, after they beg him night after night, he relents and reads the girls a bedtime story; it’s hilarious. 

Be careful though; make sure you employ your own censor if you are watching the movie with your tween. You wouldn’t want to embarrass her by laughing out loud inappropriately (read: when none of the other parents are laughing) at a movie moment that particularly resonates with you, as I inadvertently did. Okay, more than once. 

It was worth it though. It’s one of those funny movies that manages to move you as well.  Definitely worth seeing at the theater (read: do not wait for dvd for this one).


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