The power of one

I have been giving a lot of talks at local libraries. For my most recent one, I personally invited and Facebook invited a lot of people.


A lot.

Plus, it was a full moon in Gemini (my sign)! At 7:05pm! And my talk started at 7:00PM!

I know this is a busy time of year for us all, but I was expecting at least 10 people or so.

When it 6:59pm and still no one had come, I began to consider that maybe I had saturated my geographic location.

If no one came (as I have heard sometimes happens, but thankfully had never happened to me), my Plan B was to have my husband make a video of me reading so I could post it on my YouTube Channel (still evolving–don’t judge it). At least this would be time well spent, right?

What I learned: Don’t accept a time slot that starts when the library is CLOSED. Duh. I’m not sure why they even did that… oh, wait. Yes, I do. I took the slot because I was hoping to sell a lot of books before Christmas, and this was the only December slot they had. They had one slot available in January, but I thought people might not come out in the cold when they weren’t possibly out already, shopping for the holidays (books make great gifts!). Note: the temperature was in the 20’s last night.

And then, at 7:05pm, one person came into the room.

My audience had arrived. She probably didn’t really feel like going out, but she wanted to support a fellow writer/author, and guess what?


Thank you again, Katherine. ❤

For some reason, this song was in my head on my way home from the event, so I am including it here for your listening pleasure:


5 thoughts on “The power of one

  1. Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t get more folks. I bet it’s b/c the library was closed. I did a reading once at a bookstore that didn’t get one single attendee, not one. I wound up reading to the two bookstore owners and my husband. We made the best of it and they were very kind, but I was really embarrassed. Ahh, but so what. We just keep going, right? We keep going. The next one will be better!

    1. Claire, I know exactly how you felt. It’s not the best feeling in the world to throw a party and have no one come. For sure, it’s a lesson in remembering to find our worth from the inside, and not measure it by the size of our audience! I hope you will invite me to YOUR next reading so I can support your book and, oh, get to enjoy your writing!

  2. I love the idea of a powerful ONE !  I was in FOUND today and bought a copy of your book. Books absolutely make great gifts!!! xx

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    1. Thank you, Jeannie! I love your work as well! I will be doing a giveaway in December for my One Brave Thing Facebook Group of one of your lovely book totes!

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