SPOTLIGHT ON: Zen and Company

If you have never been to Zen and Company in Kennebunk, you are really missing out. Beautiful clothing and (Dansko!) shoes? They have them. A wide variety of oracle cards? They have them. Excellent books*? Yes! The most amazing crystals? OMG, yes! Yes! They have those, too! Even more important is this: once you pass through the … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT ON: Zen and Company


Anita Shreve in Kennebunk

I had the great good luck to find out about Anita Shreve's talk at RiverTree Center for the Arts last evening in time to actually go. What a good thing that my husband, unlike me, actually reads the newspaper we buy every Thursday. I have had the opportunity to hear her talk once before, years … Continue reading Anita Shreve in Kennebunk

Selling my books at the Kennebunk Community Market

Today was my debut at the Kennenbunk Community Market at The Waterhouse Center. I picked a good day to start: high 50's (Hello, July? It's me, Karen. Where are you? I miss you!), with rain and wind. And just like at the Saco River Farmers Market, I had to ask a fellow vendor to help me … Continue reading Selling my books at the Kennebunk Community Market

Learning from others

I went to the Kennebunk Community Market a few weeks ago, and I saw another author selling her books. Hello? Great idea! She was very kind and answered all of my (zillions of) questions about how she got started and such. I loved how she set up her table, how visually appealing it was, and … Continue reading Learning from others

Pirates! in Kennebunk!

If you want something fun and inexpensive to do, scour your own and adjacent towns for low cost (cheap! cheap!) or free activities to do with the fam.  Last Thursday night, my husband, daughter and I met at the Kennebunk High School to see a play. I met them after work; they went early, bought the … Continue reading Pirates! in Kennebunk!