Pirates! in Kennebunk!

The Pirates Musical

If you want something fun and inexpensive to do, scour your own and adjacent towns for low cost (cheap! cheap!) or free activities to do with the fam. 

Last Thursday night, my husband, daughter and I met at the Kennebunk High School to see a play. I met them after work; they went early, bought the tickets, and then drove over to McD’s for a caramel frappe (omg, so good. Haven’t yet tried one? GO. NOW. They are similar to a DD coolata, but smoother, and cheaper, read: win-win!). 

The show started at 7:30PM, which is late for my 11 year old to be out, but hey…it is summer vacation, and summer vacation is getting shorter by the minute. It ends in August, for gosh-sakes…but I digress. 

Back to the play: “The Pirate Musical!” was written and performed as a fundraiser by a then-high school senior Joey Aaskov at KHS and did so well (shows sold out, according to the Seacoast Online) when it opened last February, that an encore performance was arranged. Well, lucky for us, because it was great.  There was even a makeshift snack bar: a few women were selling large, individually wrapped, homemade chocolate chip cookies (“Mary’s Cookies”) and bottles of water. No napkins though, so make sure you bring your own. 

Also in Kennebunk on Wednesday nights are the Concerts in the Park.  The shows start at 6:30PM and run for about an hour. Next Wednesday the New Legacy Swing Band is performing. Never heard of them? So what? The concerts are free, and Duffy’s (and several other restaurants) and DQ are right across the street. You can go early and have dinner first at Duffy’s, then after go for dessert at DQ. 

The Pirates Musical plays one more show this evening, so if you are free…head on over.


2 thoughts on “Pirates! in Kennebunk!

  1. Sounds like a great evening. I wished I lived there to take it in. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like where you live is a great place for local entertainment.

    1. Thanks, it really is a great place. I suspect that many communities are just as great, however, with lots of things going on. Maybe some towns require that you do a little extra digging to find them, but I’ll be they’re there!

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