The BRAVE Interview #2 September 2016: Jody O’Farrell Breton

Hello and welcome to my new series: The BRAVE Interviews! It’s the Who, What, When, Where, How,  (and sometimes Why) of YOUR ‘one brave thing’!

Welcome to Interview #2! Here we go!

**UPDATE: Jody’s new business website is right here:

Who:  My name is Jody O’Farrell Breton. I am a (newly) retired (by choice) Respiratory Therapist. I am also an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Ceremonialist and Energy Healing Practitioner. And a tree hugger and a lover of all things earthy 🙂

Jody Brave PhotoWhat: I retired! After participating in a spiritual event in May I made my decision to resign from my career of 35 years and forge ahead on my own as a professional chaplain.

When:  August 5, 2016

Where: My last full-time employer in South Portland, Maine

How:  I contemplated, dreamed, obsessed, cried, prayed and journeyed on the decision. Oh and discussed it ad nauseam with my husband. Then one day when my stress level reached critical mass at work I came to the decision not impulsively but calmly and with great conviction!

Why:  I realized that I am more than a Respiratory Therapist; I have skills and a calling that will not quiet itself. I know that the Universe continually presented me with obstacles to remaining in the status quo and opportunities to spread my wings and fly!  Re-invent myself….yes!

Jody’s business is Essence of Spirit Ceremonies. You can reach Jody by email:

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