BOOK REVIEW: Capturing the Last Welsh Witch by J.M. Davies

jen davies
Jen Davies

Capturing the Last Welsh Witch is the story of Ella and Marcus,  a story that spans time and space. Ella is not who she seems to be. Ella is from the clan of Ariana, and is a being that has lived before. She has always had flashbacks from her prior lives. She is well aware of her incarnations prior to this one.

The book opens with Ella in the thick of it with a very bad man. She comes to battered and bruised, aware of having had an altercation, much of which she can’t recall right away. Vampires and Soul-Shifters and Witches, oh my!

Her memory comes back to her in bits and frightening pieces, as she tries to figure out how she got to where she was and hey, what the hell happened, anyway?

She is soon joined by Marcus, the FBI agent assigned to bring her in. There are multiple layers to his being as well, of which, unlike Ella, he is only just becoming aware.

Their lives intertwine and are underwritten by a tumultuous love story, as they both try to figure out who they are to each other, and what to do with that knowledge once they have it. At the same time that Ella is running from The Elusti, Marcus in running toward them, adding to the tension in the story.

welsh witch

Ella’s sad story is that all of the men in her prior lives have betrayed her, leading to disastrous outcomes. Now she has to decide if past history will predict the present situation, or if she can risk trusting a man.

Marcus is faced with a moral dilemma that many of us have also faced on the job. Should he follow the orders from his supervisor that make no sense, or follow his gut? And just like in real life, when he follows his gut, his true path emerges.

Full disclosure: there is a little more violence in this book than I usually let into my comfort zone, but the nice love story made it worthwhile.

The best quote in the book is this one, said to Marcus by his mother Josephine (p. 84):

Listen with your heart, not your mind.”

Side note: The references to Wells (my town!), Maine definitely made me happy. YAY! WELLS! The friendliest town in Maine!

You can buy Capturing the Last Welsh Witch by J.M. Davies on Check out her Facebook page!


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