Coffee or tea?

I love coffee.

I became a regular coffee drinker in college. My friend Diane and I would go to HoJo’s for late night breakfasts and bottomless cups of coffee. Because I drank it faster than the waitress could replenish the cream, I soon became a black coffee drinker. This worked well for us because then Di could have all of the creamers and I could have more of the straight coffee.

Life was good.

After I graduated from college (and from HoJo’s), I managed a restaurant for years so I had access to unlimited bottomless pots of black coffee, of which I took full advantage. I could make a fresh pot any time I wanted it and then just drink the first cup or two before the remainder was sold to customers, and then I could start another fresh pot. Repeat process.

Fast forward thirty (gasp!) years. I am still a black coffee drinker. I spent many of those years as a slave to Dunkin Donuts Medium Black French Vanilla. Too many. Currently my loyalties have shifted. I can enjoy a cup of whatever the local coffee shop is serving up, but I recently realized that I am now a slave to the Keurig. I can go through a half a dozen K-cups in a single day.

Today I tried an experiment: I started the day with a cup of Tulsi Tea instead of the coffee that I am usually sipping no later than 6am, often as early as 5:30am. To my surprise, the caffeine headache didn’t surface until 11:00am, so I had my first cup (Spicy Eggnog!) of coffee of the day then. I held out until 6pm before I had a second cup.

The great thing about Tulsi Tea is that it comes in many flavors, just like my beloved coffee. Maybe I’m on to something?

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Coffee or tea?

  1. I like those stores too! I like both tea and coffee but since I stopped my wake-up cup of coffee (this is day 2!) I ‘ve realized this: I have an emotional attachment to coffee that just isn’t there with tea. I like tea, but really, the bottom line is that I LOVE coffee!

  2. I drink tea more so because I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and it’s easier to track the carbs in the drink (less milk, less sugar = barely any carbs. Win!). But since I started writing, like, a tonneee, I’ve relied on tea because I don’t want to harm my body (they say tea has less caffeine and that is good enough research for me). I only drink quality products now. I like tea and coffee stores. I buy quality ground coffee beans (no instant!!!!) and dry tea leaves for my tea pot. Mm …

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