BOOK REVIEW: Come Running When I Call by Kimberly Sue McGlaughlin

I met the author, Kim, when I first started going come runningto the Community Market of the Kennebunks on Saturdays.

I just finished reading her book, Come Running When I Call, a memoir about a girl and her horse.

You know, the horse.

But don’t think you have to be a girl who loves horses to enjoy this book–although if you are, you certainly will!

Anyone who loves reading memoir will enjoy this story of how Kim learns about herself and her own strength and limits as she learns to love and care for her horse, Trixie.

One fascinating part for me was when Kim describes her tenth birthday, from what she wore to what she ate to what was said that day. So impressive! I have a photo of myself on my tenth birthday, but only because I had a party with friends invited, a very unusual occurrence in my family. Even though I have the photo somewhere, I still can’t remember what the heck I was wearing that day…

The author also describes the difficult years growing up with a father who possessed a big, unpredictable temper. Many of us can relate to living in a home where you feel like you are walking on eggshells much of the time.

What is great about this story is that it shows how even a little girl with no money can set an intention for what she wants, and then the universe starts conspiring to deliver it to her. Like the little boy who wants a bike in the movie, The Secret, what she needs starts showing up. She finds people to teach her how to take care of her horse. She finds ways to earn the money that she needs to buy her horse.


Enjoy the story!

If you are local, you can come to The Community Market of the Kennebunks most Saturdays to buy your copy and get it signed by the author! Or click on the name of the book (above) to find it on

If you come to the market and want another great book to read, stop by my table to take a look at One Brave Thing!

As an aside, if you are not familiar with the movie, The Secret, here’s a link to watch it for free:


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