Tech support

I had a heart stopping moment (I know– it’s embarrassing) this morning when I tried to turn my iPhone on and it (gasp) would not turn on. I tried and tried and tried (“I said not to panic!”) to no avail.

iphoneI allowed myself to briefly fast forward to how difficult my life would be until i was able to get it fixed. Or replaced. Would my contacts be able to be retrieved? That cloud thing has been full for weeks! I know this, because I have been ignoring my iPhone’s pleas to upgrade for only $5 a month (or whatever) because (gosh darn it!), I just don’t want to start paying for one more monthly thing that I was getting for free.

My teenage daughter: Mom! What’s the matter?

Me: My phone won’t turn on! To myself: How did she know something was wrong?

Teenage daughter: Give it to me. I can fix it.

I started to argue with her, but honestly , I didn’t have time, so I gave it to her. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to fix it.
She fixed it.

Me: How did you fix it?
Teenage daughter: When it happened to my phone, I googled how to turn it on and it told me what to do.

It bears mentioning here that she took advice that I give her whenever she says she doesn’t know how to do something. Happy dance!

The quote above comes from the movie, Couples Retreat. Here’s the ‘I said not to panic’ scene:


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