BOOK REVIEW: The Rare Pearl by Jennifer W. Smith

the rare pearlGet ready for a wild ride through the ocean to another realm. In this exciting book, The Rare Pearl, by Jennifer W. Smith, Harmony Parker gets pulled out of her everyday life and plunked down in the middle of another world. The opening scene sparks a dozen questions right away , as well as a little fear.  A little, but not too much, which is important to me as a reader.  I like a little tension and mystery, but I don’t want to be terrorized.  Harmony hits the ground running, experiencing a birth and a death almost as soon as she arrives. She also has a recurring dream that expands a bit more every time she has it, giving her (and us) some clues to a tragic event in her past.

Random (fun!) notes from the book:

  • The “Wicked cool!” (p20) resonated with the New Englander in me.
  • When the author talks about the meaning of Harmony’s name (p34), it made me want to look up the meaning of my own name. So I did: it means ‘pure’.
  • There is a character named Lynn (p34). I had to stop to take a picture of that passage and email it to my friend Lynn. 🙂
  • This quote about the ocean air (p56): “One deep breath was all she needed before a sense of calm washed over her.”  Me. That sums up the essence of me, right there in that quote. Isn’t it amazing when someone else writes a sentence that is all about you?

Here is a preview of The Rare Pearl on YouTube:

You know that feeling you get when a great book ends and you feel a little lost?  A pang of regret?  Well, relax! This book is Book 1 of a series! Book 2 is The Forsaken Pearl , which will be out in September 2016. I can’t wait!

Check out my friend Jennifer’s  website here:

jen smith

 Also, if you want to read another good book, consider checking out my book, One Brave Thing!

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