Ho no!

I got some unwelcome news today that my beloved Holy Yoga (HoYo) Saturday morning class is ending. graceMoving to Tuesday evenings. When I am at work.

My first thought was, OH NO!!! Then the Big Sad descended. I paused. I breathed (it was yoga class, after all). I could still enjoy this class, today. I could still Be Here Now.

I did my best.

My next thought was this: now there is room for something else to come in. I wonder what it will be?

There are some parting gifts.  A new song that I am listening to now by an artist, with whom I was unfamiliar but with whom now I am virtual BFF’s-JJ Heller. See her Christmas song here-I know! It’s late! But better late than never.

But the biggest gift is this: as I am standing here in my kitchen, consoling myself with a Nonni’s Biscotti and Spicy Eggnog coffee, I checked out the annvoscamp.com website and as I was scrolling around, I saw this quote:

* Grow Brave. Grow in Grace*

Grow Brave. Grow in Grace.

Which is basically the same thing.

This was on it! Brave was my 2015 word! Grace is my 2016 word!

Amazing. Grace.




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