Oh, fudge!

Lemon Kreme and Dark Chocolate Fudge

I took a fudge making class through Wells Adult Education last night at the high school. There were about 8 of us present and we had mostly all tried to make fudge with varying amounts of success. We were a mixed group: a few men, mostly woman, all determined to (finally) learn how to make good fudge.

We were sure it involved a candy thermometer.

We were wrong.

It involves exactly 5 minutes of continuous stirring with a wooden utensil with a flat edge. I own every kitchen utensil known to womankind for baking but guess what? When my flimsy wooden scraper broke a few years ago, I didn’t replace it.

Guess what I ran out to the kitchen store to buy yesterday?

The secret to great homemade fudge!

It happens that I actually do own a candy thermometer already, which (alas) shall continue to remain in its original packaging.

Anyone else have any secrets (or secret recipes) for great fudge?


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