Bin Laden dead

On the Channel 13 WGME News tonight they called the “Bin Laden Killed” story the story of the day, maybe even the story of the year. I’m thinking it’s the story of all times; the classic “eye for an eye…”  (Matthew 5:38).  Doesn’t it seem fitting that in Bin Laden’s religious (muslim) war against us, this age-old form of justice is was delivered unto him?

On the early news this morning on Channel 8 WMTW, George W. Bush’s statement was read, Bill Clinton’s speech…er statement was read, along with various and sundry other politician’s politically correct remarks. I was not quoted, but have decided to overlook the omission and offer my statement here for all to read.

“I hope that when they killed Osama Bin Laden, it really really hurt. I hope that he peed and crapped his pants. I hope that he begged for mercy, and when he saw that there was none, I hope that he cried for his mommy. Reports say that he was buried at sea. I hope that he had a lifelong fear of the ocean. I hope that they played the theme song from Jaws when they tossed him overboard. I hope that they slammed his dead corpse up against the deck (and then again against the side of the ship) a few times before they fed him to the sharks…only I hope the sharks just chewed him up and spit him back out. They don’t need that kind of evil in their stomachs.

Thank you, and God bless.”

Feel free to share my statement with anyone.


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