Pumpkins in the Old Port

Love pumpkins? There are lots of options for getting your pumpkin fix here in the Old Port. 

First, Coastal Maine Popcorn Company has a seasonal flavor called Pumpkin Spice. Now, popcorn is not something that immediately springs to mind (like muffins!) when I think of pumpkin, but maybe hereafter it will. Head over to the tasting bar and try some for yourself; see what you think. I’d tell you what I think of it except that the day I went to try it, they were sold out of it. Maybe that means that it’s good? 

Pumpkin Pie from Bam Bam Bakery

Next, you can indulge your pumpkin and your chocolate cravings at once with some pumpkin chocolate swirl fudge from the Old Port Candy Company. They will give you a free sample if you want to “try before you buy”. Fair warning: it will be hard to walk away without it once you’ve tried it. 

At The Farmers Market in Monument Square on Wednesdays, you can pick up a personal-sized, gluten-free pumpkin pie from Bam Bam Bakery’s table. Be focused though, because they also have lemon bars to die for. Get your little pie, hand over your $5, then walk away

Pumpkin Whoopie from Two Fat Cats Bakery

Finally, there are amazing pumpkin whoopie pies made at the Two Fat Cats Bakery on India Street.  Their recipe is in the Making Whoopies: The Official Whoopie Pie Book by Nancy Griffin. They were featured recently on America’s Best Sweets on the Food Network and touted as having the best whoopie pie not only in Portland, but in America. I have had the pumpkin version and I totally agree. 

On another note: don’t forget about how much chickens love to eat real pumpkins, and feel free to save any post-Halloween for consumption by the local chickens of your choice. Especially mine. 



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