Heart Rocks

Heart rock from Susan

I started collecting heart-shaped rocks a few years ago. I have them in all shapes and sizes; many I found at the beach myself, but some are gifts from friends who know of my collection. These gifts are actually the best ones that I have. This is my most recent addition: from my friend Susan. She found it at the beach after Hurricane Earl (didn’t) hit.

One thing that I’ve found helpful when looking for heart shaped rocks is not to be too rigid; it’s not likely that you will find a perfectly heart-shaped rock. What I’m looking for is something…approaching (hmm, this is somehow giving me deja vu for math of some sort…calculus maybe? I can’t think why) a heart shape. Keep an open mind (I’m just sayin’).

Did you know that there are books about heart-shaped rocks? My son gifted me with one recently. There is even a (well, at least one) blog about collecting heart rocks: Farm Girl Fare. At over 300, she has me beat, but I do have a half filled (reusable!) shopping full of them at this moment.

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2 thoughts on “Heart Rocks

  1. I LOVE heart rocks and have a collection too 🙂 I also photograph those special heart shaped stones that I find embedded in moss or gravel on some of my hikes. My latest collection is named ” Hearts of Katahdin”. Seemed every few miles I was gifted with a gorgeous heart shaped stone along the path. Some day I will share my great find!

    1. I knew you had them; didn’t know you photographed them! I’d love to see that. I have the rock you gave me; I didn’t include that one in this post of newer finds; yours will be featured in the next one. 🙂

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